Friday, August 5, 2011

Sharing a review on a Newborn TWIST

One of my testers made a newborn diaper to give to another mama.  This diaper was made by Nina ♥.  She used an adorable Ooga print pul outer with contrasting tabs.  Nina made this one using the single snap row option and two snaps per wing.  Making one wing with crossover snaps makes this diaper fit the teeny babies nicely!! SO cute!!  Here is what that mama had to say about the TWIST diaper:

"LOVE it! I immediately tried it on her yesterday. I don't have any inserts that are as small as the diaper, I used a Flip stay dry and it was about an inch too long in each direction. Maybe a premie insert would fit it better? I didn't care. She was on an eating marathon yesterday, she's never drank as much as she did yesterday, I thought she was going to burble everything up but no, she was just that hungry. She peed a gallon into the diaper and much to my surprise it didn't leak at all. I would have thought the ends of the insert would have wicked up and out but they didn't. As for the fit I think she's 7 1/2 lbs (max) right now and she's using the last 2 snaps. I'll take pics some time today and send them to your email. It fits really well and I wish I had them 3 weeks ago when she was born and just about 6 lbs. This particular size is perfect for a 6 lb newborn which is nice because nothing fits a 6 pounder all that well. Its like an in between premie and everyone's bigger sized newborn."

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