Saturday, August 27, 2011

The In A Snap OS Diaper Cover pattern has been released!

Man oh man am I happy with how this one turned out.  I ended up adding a couple of options to it at the very end of finalizing the pattern and I'm so glad I did.  I think they really add that little something that was missing when it was just a plain old cover pattern.

The pattern includes side wall gussets to help contain those messy blowouts and leaks from side sleepers as well as options to make it an In A Snap Tuck-It-In cover.  You can add snaps to the cover under the Tuck-It-In back flap and make yourself a very nice AI2 style cover/diaper.

Gussets!  They are SO easy to do.  I have full color step by step pictures of the process in the instructions!

This is the cover with the Tuck-It-In option and the gusset option.  

The pattern also includes full color photos on how to make your FOE seamed so it has a professional finished look to it.  It is really easy to do!

The pattern is currently listed on my Hyenacart store for $6.  It is a PDF file and I email out the download link as soon as I see the order.  My listing says you will get your link within 24 hours but that would be the rare instance.  I try to be really quick and send out links as soon as orders come in.

I also take custom orders for any of the products made with my patterns if you don't sew but see something you like!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!


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