Sunday, February 12, 2012

In A Snap Cover - Turned and Top-stitched

This post is to show how I make this cover turned and top-stitched.  I have made this one using hook and loop.  I did not put gussets on this one but adding them would be very easy and I will tell you how.

First  you will cut your pattern out along the outermost line so your pattern pieces include seam allowance.

My cover is a two layer PUL cover.  Looking back I should have used two different colors to make it easier to see but I was trying to use up my green.

If making a cover with gussets do these steps first!  Sew FOE to the gusset edge to gather it up. Follow instructions in pattern for this step.  Now you will sew the gusset pieces to the inner layer piece.  You will have the inner layer shiny side up and will pin the gusset fabric side up to the layer at marks.  Shiny sides will be facing each other.  Sew together with a scant 1/8th inch seam.  Proceed as follows:

You will layer your pieces together with the shiny side up on both pieces. Pin or clip together.

Begin sewing layers together, make sure to leave an opening to turn the cover right side out along the tummy panel.  I like to leave 3-4 inches so I can easily get my hand in there and turn it right side out when finished.

Now you will sew your leg and back elastic pieces to the diaper.

Use pinking shears to trim around the wings and corners on tummy panel so you get a smooth edge once turned.  Turn the cover right side out through the opening and pin closed.

Top-stitch your cover.

Wipeable side of cover.

Add your hook and loop to the cover.  I did all hook and loop after sewing but you can certainly apply the tummy panel piece prior to sewing just be sure to back it with a scrap.  If you don't like hook and loop you can apply snaps now instead.  

All done!

On 27 pound 22 month old over a Rocket Bottoms OS Fitted diaper.

Nice full rear coverage.

♥ Krista