Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Preemie/XS diaper sewing pattern

I haven't had the time to digitize this one and make it all pretty but if you are wanting to sew up itty bitty diapers for a baby that is very small or premature I have a freebie for you!

These two pictures are from one of my testers and used with her permission.  This is the diaper on her tiny 5 pound baby, it was the only thing she had that fit her newbie. ♥♥

So if you know someone that wants to cloth diaper a tiny baby, or you need tiny diapers for your baby, here is a link to the pattern

I hope to be able to get the time very soon to digitize it and add instructions.  If you have any questions about how to construct this diaper please do not hesitate to contact me!


  1. what size do you cut the elastic for the legs and back?

  2. Jill you will use about 3 1/2 inches on the legs and 2 1/4 on the back. Make sure that when you cut your elastic you add at least an inch to these measurements so you have a small tail to tack down on each end. I normally just tack down and stretch the elastic fully while sewing until I reach the other elastic point. A good general rule of thumb for elastic in diapers is to measure between the points and divide that in half. Of course if you need to adjust doe to baby's shape that is very easy and you can make the elastic longer or shorter to get the perfect fit.

  3. Thank you so much for this pattern! It's just what I was looking for for my four pound grandson! I think I'm going to make it as a diaper cover though with raincoat taffeta and micro fleece. I want to pin it, instead of using velcro.

    I cloth diapered all mine!

    Mommy to 8 and grandma to 7... so far...

  4. Thank you for posting this! Wonderful!!

  5. Any idea what weight baby it will fit? For example 3-12lb? Thank you for posting!

    1. Hi Laura this diaper fits the size range you are asking about. This was tested on 26-38 weekers and a few really little full term babies.


  6. Do you have a premee diaper pattern without elastic. I am makeing them for the Saboba Medical Centre, Saboba Ghana. The babies have very easily torn skin so I don't want elastic. I also was to fold a cuff over the velcro.


  7. Hi! I have moved to a new site. If you go to and click in freebies there is a doll diaper pattern without elastic that can be used for a preemie.


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